St.Peterburg, 2012, "Studio 44"


Architects: Nikita Yavein, Valery Kulachenkov, George Snezhkin, Sergey Aksenov, Marina Goryachkin, with the participation of Alexis Vetkin
Designer: Vladimir Gershtein, Irina Lyashko, Dmitry Borderlands, Natalia Prosvetova, Elena Silantyeva

Academy of dance under the direction of Boris Eifman it is constructed on the basis of two historic buildings – the former cinema "the Assembly" Medvedev A. E. (1913, architect. F. A. Korzukhin) and mansion Y. K. Dobert – I. B. Stackman (1896, architect. A. Y. Reinberg). Adjacent intra-site built two new buildings – residential and educational. In a residential building is a boarding school for 135 people with the medical center (the school is designed for 228 students; in the opinion of Boris Eifman, more than half of them will be gifted orphans and children from low-income families). Academic building accommodates well-equipped sports complex, classrooms, two ballet halls and administrative offices.

The gap between residential and academic buildings is solved in the form of a glazed atrium, where recreation spaces co-exist with 12 ballet halls. The atrium is cut through with two open courtyards and are equipped with a system of stairways and passages for communication of all areas of the complex together. Considering the very dense construction to give the premises of the Academy as much light as possible, the walls of recreation spaces and ballet classes made of translucent glass.

In contrast to the "air" interiors, the outside perimeter of the complex was made of traditional materials (brick, plaster). The facade of the former "Assembly" restored in accordance with the author's design of 1911. To its main decoration – the entrance exedra – added the name of the school and a bas-relief of the brickwork with the QR-code, which is encrypted statements about the art of dance. A rare modern example of St. Petersburg wooden mansion will be restored and converted into a media library and Academy Museum. The surrounding garden is scheduled to improve by creating an outdoor exercise yard for students.


Plot size – 4 852 sq ft
Built-up area – 3 000 sq m
Total area – 11 sq. m 939
Building volume – 60 154 sq. m., including aboveground – 51 760 sq. m, underground – 8 394 sq. m
Number of storeys – 3-4 floor

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